Comparing the West Papua Separatist with Others in the World

If you have realized, in this world there are a lot of groups in many countries that want to stand as a single country on their own. This is also something that you can see from the free west Papua movement. That is because there are some groups in Papua that want to get out from Indonesia and become a country on their own. This time, you might want to simply consider the separatist movements in west Papua and some other nations in the world.

For the start, you can see the violence part of the separatist movement. It is something that you cannot deny that separatist movements tend to be violent. However, the degree of violation is different between one groups with the other groups. Based on the west Papua news, the separatist movement in Papua is considered as one of the most violent ones. That is because they have a lot of heavy weapons and they are not afraid to kill anybody who are against their main purpose to separate from Indonesia.

The next thing that you can try to compare is the support to help the separatist movement. This is actually something a bit similar since you will need the support from some other countries to help. Unfortunately, when you are talking about the number of their own supports, it is not that good. Comparing with many other separatist movements in the world, the power and the strength is not that different. However, the condition in Papua related with the west Papua conflict is quite different. That is because from 50 people in Indonesia, only one of them who support the separation of west Papua. It is a bit different with the other separatist movement that has the power of one twentieth, or even better one tenth. That comparison is one thing that you cannot simply ignore.

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