Indonesia Gave The West Papuan Their Rights to Choose

The Global Campaign for United Nations Peacekeeping Mission To West Papua conflict echoed a statement which said that Indonesia has used the term ‘sovereignty’ to overpower West Papuan rights to selfdetermination’.

This idea is not totally new. It was firsly claimed by DR Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka stated that

his arguments have been used as main talking points between parties, mainly those who support the idea of Free West Papua.

To find stories from the government side, is not so easy, since the media especially international ones, are more inclined the West Papua news from the activists perspective. However, this is not a big deal since any political group does and should have the right to access media coverage, everywhere in the world

the Indonesian (or Dutch, regarding perspective someone desires to adopt) part of

Papua was undisputed. However, The confusion existed when the Netherlands appeared to have claimed on maintaining its presence in the western half New Guinea.

In further, Indonesia carried the issue to the United Nations in 1954 after all bilateral means had been exhausted which leads to become a problem of international dimension.

Indonesia was the first one who brought the matter of West Papua to the ninth United Nations General Assembly in 1954. It occurs until 1963 that an agreement (New York agreement) was delivered Papua to Indonesia. One of the main point in the agreement was that Indonesia would give the West Papuan their rights to choose whether to stay within Indonesian jurisdiction.

According to the referendum of West Papua, 1969, there have been many theories on how the referendum might or might have not been deployed by one party or another, but

Here is the thing; Indonesia did not seem to be interfering the West Papuan, or specifically, the Dutch is authorized here.

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